P21S stands for ‘Factory Approved’ automotive care of the highest calibre, developed for car enthusiasts who understand quality. A range of German made, premium car care products, designed to be used by hand, easily and efficiently to satisfy the demands of that at the highest standards.

With products including the acclaimed ‘factory approved’ P21S Wheel Cleaner Gel, safe enough for the finest polished and forged wheels, yet powerful enough to remove stubborn break dust. P21S Concours-look Carnauba Wax and 100% Carnauba Paste Wax are known not only for their ease of use, with a wipe on wipe off formula, non-staining of trim and plastics, compatibility with modern scratch resistant clears but also for the depth of shine created. Team this with the renown Paint Work Cleanser and Bodywork Shampoo and you have the perfect detailing set.

In fact P21S though so too, and you are able to purchase kits with these products bundled in a custom case. For perfect results, you can achieve yourself by hand, P21S is your car care solution.